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Thread: California Happy

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    California Happy

    Received the car on Friday afternoon. Spent well over 12 hours cut polishing and treating the original paint. I love that you can see the spider webs in the paint where it has aged. Now it's preservation mode from here on in. The car looks happier here in Cali.



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    Wow, what a difference Sam! Looks great in the full time sun of Cali.
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    yes it looks great!
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    It is happy to have a new owner, not that it is in California, a state that by law and regulation, not to mention temperament hates it.

    Move it to another state as I did and it will be happier still.

    Worked for me and I couldn't be happier to be back in the USA.
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    Love the color combo !

    Congrats on your new purchase, update on the car since you have it for a few months ?

    Driving impressions of the gt/4 ?
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    Could not be more in love with this little car. It drives like a go kart and makes all the right sounds. The driving position and visibility make it incredibly easy to drive. It really helps that I started with a very well sorted out car so the experience just gets better and better.

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    I think Dino would want it back now

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