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Thread: The Journey Begins

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    Curious , why is it assumed by many that regardless of car, the one to restore is always the barn find/ wrecked cars? I suspect this held true many decades ago because production was limited on certain cars, therefore when you found a car it was usually an abandoned car, hence they were restored.

    What is the advantage of restoring a decent used car over a barn find today ?


    Restoring a good car is much less costly. Replacing missing parts, repairing extensive rust damage or prior bad accident repairs can drive costs much higher.
    The only good reason to start with a bad car is rarity dictates it.

    Personally I'd rather just fix the good car and make it better but more original, but there is a limit. In the case of BB's build quality was not great to start with so they often need a lot. Motors had iffy pistons, rings, valve guides and the famous fragile exhaust valves. The engines had very inconsistent machine work and the transmissions all need some upgrades. Rust can be an issue even on the best cars so a great many need a lot to make them nice and reliable.
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