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Thread: 1979 308 gt4 major service

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    the seat belts were cleaned and new decals installed, the decals are in house products DSC09791.jpgDSC09794.jpg

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    the rear seat after it was reconditionedDSC09796.jpg

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    the original headliner was in excellent condition, just needed a good cleaningDSC09797.jpg

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    the dash recovered and carpet installed
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    door frames were removed for paint and new window channel seals were installedDSC09806.jpg

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    dash gauges were all cleaned and inpectedDSC09841.jpgDSC09842.jpg

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    while we were in there, the shifter assembly was removed cleaned repainted and lubricatedDSC09891.jpgDSC09892.jpgDSC09893.jpg

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    one last dash photoDSC09845.jpg

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    the front and rear deck lids are detailed, even the engine data plate is removed for paint and re-rivetedDSC09931.jpg

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    the super rare trunk carpet has survived, it was removed and gently washed. It was then reinstalled, the black felt like material was replaced. DSC09932.jpgDSC09933.jpgDSC09937.jpg

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    many hours were spent on saving the interior leather, and we were able to bring it back to life.

    the leather die was custom mixed colour and matches the original connolly hides.DSC09939.jpgDSC09940.jpgDSC09941.jpgDSC09950.jpg

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    the original steering wheel was in excellent condition, and near impossible to replace if missingDSC09996.jpg

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    lazer straight, just imagine driving this work of art in 1979


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    some additional photos


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    some photos of the engine after the major serviceDSC09967.jpgDSC09968.jpgDSC09970.jpgDSC09973.jpg

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