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Thread: 1979 308 gt4 major service

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    1979 308 gt4 major service

    I was time for a major service on this original canadain spec 1979 series 3 gt4, the engine and gearbox were rebuilt in 2004 as was the brakes and suspension. The cosmetics were above average but it was time to bring this car back to its former gloryP1000342.JPGP1000343.JPGP1000344.JPGP1000345.JPGP1000346.JPGP1000347.JPGP1000348.JPGP1000349.JPG

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    The car was in need of paint, we decided to remove all the trim. The interior door panel in original condition and a backwards door handle



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    The door panels have never been refinished as the natural connolly hides show little wear.


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    blaupunkt radio is possibly the original radio, and the carpet will need replacing


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    the console is in great condition, the connolly leather has held up well. The seat belt needs some attention


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    trunk carpets were removed carefully as there is no replacement at this time. The plate lamp assembly needed some cleaning up.


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    the main harness located under the dash


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    there was some surface rust under the front windscreen. With the dash and front glass removed we were able to repair the rust with ease


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    under console photo of the connolly leather as it was in 1979


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    the car needed a major service even though the engine had been rebuilt in 04. The internals of the engine are clean with no residue.

    the cam have also been reprofiled


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    this car is a series three spec gt4 with leather and sunroof. this a photo of the roof panel in the spray booth


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    we started on the interior and all the leather needed refinishingDSC09553.jpgDSC09555.jpgDSC09564.jpg

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    All the interior parts are prepared for refinishing, DSC09595.jpg

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    seat assembly starts with new carpet hog ringed to the bottom sections


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    the front grille is full width on the series three cars, re-died seats awaiting assembly


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    trial fitting the carpet and interior panels
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    dash was removed for recovering, the vinyl was in good condition but the foam padding was showing its ageDSC09785.jpg

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    front screen was removed for paint and new trim clips installed


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