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Thread: 348 challenge

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    the interior hard plastic items were sticky so we had to remove the parts and refinish them with soft touch rubber coatingDSC06404.jpgDSC06405.jpg

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    challenge pedal set up which came in the omp kit, the floor needs some cleaning up after twenty years of useDSC06411.jpg

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    console parts refinishedDSC07300.jpgDSC07301.jpg

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    even 348's have intake trumpets, hidden but they have trumpets

    the intakes needed refinishing as some of the wrinkle paint was missingDSC08255.jpg

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    Time to update this post, I will place more detailed photos of this extensive project

    the intake manifolds were in need of so detail, and some internal cleaning


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    refinished manifold and linkage replated


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    It was time to recover the seats, the material was purchased in europe as it needed to be exact. I sourced some from the usa but it wasn't close to the original.

    these seats were recovered in house


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    seats completed, even the omp patches were nos from england


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    the completed car
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    From the race track to the concourse field, the first Canadian challenge car returns to cavallino 19 years after it raced there in 1994


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    party at the air field in Palm beachDSC08177.jpg

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    This was the third time the 348 has been judged and it received a platino, and the coveted CBM award.


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    Award ceremony

    ATTACH=CONFIG]1852[/ATTACH]Attachment 1853DSC00992.jpg
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    Since we received the Platino award we were able to enter the Coppa Bella Macchina trials. This is a true independent test
    evaluating how perfect your car is, all cars look good on the lawn but does it run and function as Ferrari intended?
    We were on the waiting list for both cars, and the 348 was first up. The coppa bella trial took an hour to complete, the judge even
    checks to see if the car is running on all cylinders (most of these self proclaimed 100 point cars won't pass). You are only able to test one car per national event.

    some photosDSC01006.jpgDSC01007.jpgDSC01008.jpg

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