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Thread: 348 challenge

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    These photos show the paint when wet and when its semi dryDSC05718.jpgDSC05719.jpg

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    found a photo of the suspension that I missedDSC05032.jpg

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    the front bumper needed to be repainted and with close inspection the canada is visableDSC05722.jpgDSC05726.jpgDSC05795.jpg

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    the satin paint fully curedDSC05790.jpg

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    Come on cowboy , post the engine pics , and interior !

    The yakers are awaiting !
    The problem is not the's the biscuits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer View Post
    Come on cowboy , post the engine pics , and interior !

    The yakers are awaiting !
    slow and steady wins the race

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    the fans need attention after 20 years of use, many fuse boxes have melted due to poor operating fansDSC05782.jpgDSC05784.jpg

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    the fans are ready to install, several replaced and several rebuiltDSC05797.jpg

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    assembly starts


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    a/c hasn't worked in years and the original condenser had suffered stone damage (possibly on the track). Ferrari had a few new old stock units on the shelfDSC05820.jpgDSC05821.jpg

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    these cars were equiped with a brake cooling duct kit. This car had none of the original ducting, so the search started with the purchase of the 1994 348 challenge rule book. This book had all the needed part numbers and enabled us to find all the missing items. These cars have little or no following at the moment so now is the time to track these cars down. If the car raced in period as well as the running the ferrari challenge it is then a race car. The log books from these race series are key to proving the history of any challenge car.DSC05836.jpgDSC05853.jpgDSC05855.jpgDSC05857.jpg

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    special battery and battery holder, which was included in the challenge kitDSC06037.jpgDSC06068.jpg

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    the standard muffler sheilds are still used to protect the bumper and some of the plastic covers in the engine compartmentDSC06036.jpg

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    this plate was attached to the car when it was raced in the magna series in 1995, we are returning the car to its 1994 challenge car spec using ferraris rule book from the challenge seriesDSC06045.jpg

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    the work continues


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    Nice to see these photos again, i will be adding the remaining photos and its unveiling at cavallino.

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    the front of the car with the bumper painted, the match is near perfectDSC06097.jpg

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    the rear brakes also have a cooling system, these items were installed on the car in 1994 but have since fallen off. We were able to source these rare items from all corners of the planet, It's only a matter of time before the masses wake up and start to buy these cars and start the process of restoration. DSC06362.jpg

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    our attention was also directed to the interior, althought original it was in need of a major cleaning


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    the italians were famous for this pattern in their race cars, with our walking foot sewing machine we were able to produce this pattern in houseDSC06403.jpg

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